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I am a born and raised New Englander, who transplanted to AZ. It was a shocker to try to grow anything green without large usage of H2O! I finally gave up trying to grow green things, to be green. I became an RN, after I moved to this deserty place. The amount of waste created in the healthcare industry is crazy. Thank goodness we have been able to see how much is wasted and change some of our habits-such as not keeping supplies in the patients room in the event they "cough" on them and we have to throw them out so not to contaminate the next room occupant.

I am a wife. We married in 2004. My hub is really a transplant. He was not even born in this country. He comes from a place that doesn't have running water from home faucets, on better days. As a human race, we can learn from their mistakes...they burned up their natural resource=water.

I am a mother of two. One preschooler, who is learning Spanish and Mandarin. My son is home with me. We go on adventures to the library and tottowns. 

I've been a full-time composter for over a decade. I've recycled used plastics and paper before I even had a bin to put them in. I lived with college room-mates. We had a friend offer 1/2 his recycle bin to us, and we drove our items over, once a week. I called the city once a month to ask why we didn't have pickup at our location. 'you are in a pocket that is not on our service yet'. eventually, they delivered a bin, and guess what? I moved and had to figure it out all over again. I once more, had to drive my plastics to a landfill where they sold them for repurposing. Now I see the world, so covered in plastics, so far beyond convienence, but poor laziness, that I avoid plastic at many costs. I buy fresh baked bread and take it home in a cloth bag to avoid the plastic. I carry my own metal utensils, and napkins, hankies to avoid one-time use items. I use cloth dipes.

I am an activist. Earth Eco-Science is my big interest and it fits well into my human biology science backround, because I am a human who lives on Earth;) lol. I want to give back to the Earth in ways she give to ALL of US everday. In short, I want to support and keep her riches intact.

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