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Voting (we all hold this right)

Posted by Anastacia on June 19, 2013 at 5:50 PM

When was the last time you thought about where YOUR trash goes? American's truly have an obsession with trash.

Why would I say such a thing? Have ever watched Hoarders? That show gives me anxiety. American's, such as myself, love to shop, shop and SHOP til we drop. I shopped for baby items before my 2 babies arrived. I was so excited that I bought baby things til I had no place left to put it. Evidently, my house looked like Babies-R-Us threw up in my house! Are you seeing it? how about in your own home? Your garage? you closets? are they jammed with stuff? Do you find yourself buying something Cheap, only to find it broke within a year, a week, a day? TRASH. The building models that corporations sell items to us are founded on C2G, or Cradle to Grave, otherwise there would be no profit. They want you to chance another purchase.

Who has gone to a black Friday sale and bought something you didn't know you couldn't live without? Have you used a coupon on an item for a product you already had, or you never ended up using? Yup, I have, but not anymore. I check out products at before I buy them to see if they are EVEN safe for my family. Many of those cheap deals are so low because those products are hazardous to our health, believe it. I also found an app for smart phones called BUYCOTT that I use to see if a company is paying against a GMO campaign, such as Just Label it. If it is not been tested by Environmental Working Group, or is on Monsanto's  (GM plant breeders) *SIDE*, then it is TRASH to me. Same goes for items packaged in heavy, impenetrable plastics=trash!

We all have the right to VOTE, everyday, with our DAILY decisions and with our dollars, whether we want MORE trash in our world, or NOT. Exercise it!




I would like to challenge you. It is an easy challenge, but an invaluable one. No matter where you are, pick one day THIS week to not throw away, or recycle any of the trash you make for one 24hrs. You will carry it all of it for 24hrs. How much you carry around will be COMPLETELY up to you, because with every non-reusable item you use, you will have the choice to buy it and carry it, or choose another ROUTE to get through you day. You may cheat IE- by not taking the bag to a meeting, but leaving it at your desk, but it must stay with our within 10 ft.

things you will need/want

1. a trash bag (ideally-- stylish and reusable) you can make one for an old XL t-shirt

2. reusable utensil set

3. reusable straw 

4. a dinner napkin

5. lunch box

6. a camera to take a photo of your collection after 24hrs. you can post it on" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">FACEBOOK HERE


things to do AFTER the challenge:

ask a restaurant manage>>>>

A. how many straws she orders in one month (this will be = to the number of straws used ONE time and tossed to the landfill in a given month)

B. look at a napkin dispenser and ask the rsst staff how often they REFILL the dispenser.

C. think/look up ways to reduce your TRASH....either by Refusing, or Reducing it. What if someone insists on giving you a sample of food-its up to you, but remember that if it's served in a PLASTIC cup- the Planet will carry that cup for decades=at least 3,285 days. Take into consideration the 24hrs you had to carry your trash around.

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