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Posted by Anastacia on July 9, 2013 at 1:05 PM

oh boy, THEY got to this blogger too! It doesn't take much to realize that when a soy 'story' pops up like this, that the blogger did NOT follow the money!! > "check out this factoid from the America Cancer Society..."   yikes! STOP THAT TRAIN!

Did this blogger quote the ACS? let's follow the money...ACS has sponsors. those top sponsors are the Cumberland Gulf Group of Companies- a regional chain of convenience stores (who sell GAS) operating primarily in 11 states in the eastern United States. Is the ACS looking out for your best interests, or their bottom line?

Also, "Chevrolet is proud to support American Cancer Society during October for National Breast Cancer Awareness month". Doesn't Chevy run on PETROL? Any time oil is burned it pollutes our waterways and air. Tires are made of 8 gallons of oil. Tires break up on the roads and oil drips on the street, wash off during rain and end up in our rivers, leading to our oceans...the Planets O2 life line...seafood we EAT. I feel nothing, but soaked by public health- green washed right about now. Not to mention, covered in PAHs

let's see, jetBlue? yup, also a sponsor!

btw, John Paul Mitchell products (another sponsor) REALLY DO contain --OXYBENZONE (seen below) & BENZOPHENONE 3 causing: Enhanced skin absorption, Biochemical or cellular level changes, Developmental/reproductive toxicity, Endocrine disruption, Allergies/immunotoxicity, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), Persistence and bioaccumulation, Use restrictions!! Let me mention JPM products also contain SD ALCOHOL 1 ALCOHOL DENAT & SD ALCOHOL 40B causing Enhanced skin absorption, Cancer, Developmental/reproductive toxicity, Multiple, additive exposure sources, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive)

And the BIG ONE: 1,4-DIOXANE: The carcinogen 1,4-dioxane contaminates up to 46% of personal care products tested (OCA 2008, EWG 2008). The chemical is an unwanted byproduct of an ingredient processing method called ethoxylation used to reduce the risk of skin irritation for petroleum-based ingredients. Though 1,4-dioxane can easily be removed from products before they are sold, its widespread presence in products indicates that many manufacturers fail to take this simple step.



Who has been making money off of $usan G K runs for decades now? answer: cancer re$earchers! IF soy was the cure for cancer-the FDA would have banned it by now, you know That's the hidden truth! IE-Raw milk has been banned, cannabis too, by the FDA because the FDA has a stake in the food industry and they'd look silly if they patented a weed. The FDA makes money off patented chemo drugs. If soy was the power food for any animal on this planet, no one would be sick with reproductive organ cancers. The FDA did do something not surprising, they allowed the patenting of the GM/GE (genetically engineered) $oy bean! Seriously, the truth is, the government does not make a profit from well people. Well people don't go to see a doctor nor need to take synthetic drugs. If soy did lower breast cancer instances, oncologist would be out of work, and the remaining ones would be writing scripts for fermented soy "QD, 2 bowls daily, PO".


We ALL EAT SOY, EVERY DAY. IT IS CALLED SOY LECITHIN. soy lecithin is the BY-product of soy crude oil, after it goes through a degumming process. Soy lecithin is nothing but a phospholipid -which is derived from soybeans. In order to get lecithin, soybeans are tempered and stored at a consistent temperature, and moisture for more than a week. This allows them to hydrate, and helps in the loosening of the hull. The hull is then separated from the beans, and soybean oil is extracted. It is then that soy lecithin is separated from the oil.

Get the facts- Asians do not eat by-product soy. Soy lecithin is in peanut butter, chocolate, bread, cereal, crackers as an emulsifier and a "nutrient supplement"..if you can read a can find it. Asian do eat miso and tempeh...not tofu.

1)Tofu VS. 2)Tempeh

How it's made:

1) By curdling fresh hot soymilk with a coagulant.

2)By fermenting cooked soybeans with a mold.

Miso (みそ or 味噌 ?) is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting rice, barley, and/or soybeans with salt and the fungus kōjikin

Soy is grown as a cover crop in Asian countries, not an edible crop-----unless fermented. A $100,000 proposal was unleashed to boost the soy bean out from its slump, after everyone found it is NOT the super food everyone was convinced to be by the USB (United Soybean Board) before 2004.

In order for us to eat soy, seems like a lot of energy goes into making it edible, yes? Think of a carrot, you can pull it from the ground and eat, yes? How much energy did that take? a muscle or two. tomato? strawberry? even an egg taken from your own backyard chicken doesn't need to be cooked. When was the last time you saw a bluejay steal an egg and go to his nest and cook it? All of these raw foods contain protein!


So, to seal the deal, here is my personal story and issue I have with SOY. If I eat soy sauce, or soy lecithin in excess, IE-a package of M&Ms, know the drill... I start a False cycle day 1 within 12hrs of consumption. For you men who don't know what cycle day one is, you need to retake sex ed class 101. So, if soy is not a pseudo-estrogen, why does this happen? The female hormones operate in rotating surges...a negative-feedback controls hormone levels. Progesterone suppresses estrogen and estrogen suppresses progesterone. Progesterone is the pregnancy hormone, a fetus can't remain nor survive without progesterone because it retains the uterine lining. Are you getting it? It is a KNOWN fact that Nuns, whom have never given birth nor have breastfed, have higher rates of uterine and breast cancers.

Referring back to the lovely, but disillusioned bloggers point of view...

"from the American Cancer Society, “..while isoflavones may act like estrogen, they also have anti-estrogen properties. That is, they can block the more potent natural estrogens from binding to the estrogen receptor. In addition, they stop the formation of estrogens in fat tissue and stimulate production of a protein that binds estrogen in the blood" - See more at: 

Either way, TELL ME, HOW CAN THIS STATEMENT BE HELPFUL TO OUR FEMALE HUMAN BODY? I don't want my estrogen blocked, I don't want my estrogen stopped. I want my natural estrogen to do exactly what it was naturally made to do.

YES, the ACS admits that soy acts like estrogen AND it admits it binds to OUR NATURAL estrogen, therefore taking over the whole hormonal process. While it ACTS like a hormone, what does it look like in the body? A foreign chemical.  Furthermore, NATURAL estrogen is REQUIRED for a birth!! Can you imagine a pregnant woman, in her 40th week, who eats GMO soy, or soy lecithin? I still talk to many people who have no idea what a GMO is, or that GMO soy by-product is in all the foods they are choosing to eat.

The huge problem with the bloggers story is she did not differentiate American grown soy (GMO) and soy grown in Asia. Moreover, WHAT kind of soy Asians are eating, as I stated above vs. the soy Americans eat, whether Americans know it, or not. The blogger also contracted herself. OH, and she is not a healthcare professional, such as I. eh hem, a graphic designer??


If I was the sponsor seeker for the ACS, my sponsors would be Tesla, Solar City and Siemens Wind Power Companies.

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