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"Mother Nature-the 2nd"

Posted by Anastacia on September 30, 2015 at 3:10 PM

After much time spent, thinking whether I really need a composter; my animals decided for me. I live in the Sonoran Desert and digging a deep hole can be challenging, especially late in the summer months. We have had very, VERY little rain this monsoon season :/. The ground is ROCK hard, so digging a hole deep enough, to toss my kitchen scraps in and covering, has been an Epic Fail. 

(fresh out of her box! ^^ fully assembled is plus) kids are excited about the BIG BOX it came in. My daughter sang "happy birthday to Mom, happy birthday to Mom" is NOT my birthday :)

My animals (dogs, chickens, and wild birds have been spreading the scraps all over the place. I want the scraps IN my garden in the spot I want to plant. So, I broke down and invested in this black beauty. I have named this spinning beauty "Mother Nature II", made by Good Ideas.

(ready for her food ^^)

I like her low profile and the ease of her spin. She has breathing holes all over, to allow leakage of compost tea. The tea gets collected in the base, holding up to 5 gallons. It has two bins, so that while one is working, you can start another without the wait. She has 7 cubic foot total capacity-3.5 cubic foot capacity per chamber. I love that she is made of 100% Recycled Material & BPA Free. When you compost in a bin, you must be using 2 parts brown to 1 part green materials. 

 Browns: wood chips, dry leaves, pine needles, wood ash, corn stalks, paper/cardboard, straw. Greens: clover, eggs shells, coffee grounds, grass clippings, manure from livestock (no dog/cat/human) tea, vegetables, weeds without seeds, food waste=kitchen scraps.

Do not use plastic, toxins, oil, pet waster (unless your pet is a chicken!) treated wood, meats, cheese-that is a whole other composting requiring fermenting. 

You don't want it too wet, because it will attract house flies, but wet enough you may get soldier flies to nest -they are awesome composters. I will not add my worms because I am afraid I will cook them-she is black, after all and the optimal heat is 120*F-150*F (49*-65*C) inside. See what we get in 2 weeks time...hopefully, moist dark and crumbly soil to pot up.

Categories: the Super Substainables- "dun-da da DAH"!

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