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Soap Nuts


Winner of green DOT awards. Soap Nuts

USDA certified organic soap nuts

100% natural laundry detergent and household cleaner


(soap berries)  are teh dried fruits of the Sapindus trees. They have been used by the natives for thousands of years, and in my home.

My husband uses the cleansing bar for his face because he has acne/rosacea.

 The nuts that fall from the tree, when added to water and shaken, produce a soap or sufactant, with suds.

I use cloth dipes and wash them using these.

These nuts have been deseeded (no value except to grow new trees)

You toss a small bag of soap nuts in with your clothes and they come out clean. NO harsh soap residue or chemicals to wash into our water system. safe for all waste systems, course!

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