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Yes, Dia de la Terra is everyday

Will you be waiting til Earth Day to show her you care?

We certainly wouldn't treat our birth-mother this way, so why Mother Earth? A mother uses water and plants from the Earth to feed her child. Even, for a mother to breastfeed her child, she must first take from the Earth herself.

If you're thinking you are only one person, remember it only takes one snowball to start an avalanche.


More on trash...or lack of?

Could you get through one 24 hour period without creating any trash? If you could not NOT make trash..what if you had to carry all of it with you (like if you were hiking in the Grand Canyon)


so convienant and disposable!

How often do you change out that brush; that scrubs those pearly whites?  Is it every other week, monthly, annually? There are pink ones, tall ones, hard ones and cheap ones. You can now find "minute ones", called Wisps. This is not an ad for Wisps, mind you. I'm just here to tell you that they are popping up on beaches around the world, there for the taking-by the ocean, and it's wet residents!

They are one time use toothbrushes, filled with a dab of toothpaste.

Now allow me to introduce an another option. There is a toothbrush called Preserve. They make toothpicks that are sustainable, too! I have not tried one. For now I just use some hydrogen peroxide on my toothbrush to lyse the bacteria, but when I'm ready, I will be trying it out! btw-Trader Joes stocks them!

stuff and more stuffff

Before I had a baby, or even a hubby, I didn't have too much stuff. My condo was neat and clean.  I had to move to accommodate for hubby's stuff mixed with mine. I had a couch and love seat, and he had a couch...I had just the right amount of space for all my stuff.

  We, Americans, do have a LOT of stuff, don't we? How many shoes do you own? Towels? Bars of soap? You can hardly buy one, because it saves you money to buy more at one trip. If I go visit a childrens brand name store, they actually charge you 0.50 more to buy a single item. Even if you stop in at a yardsale, the resident will say 'they are 2 for a dollar". dirty play!

Well, I ran across this little quiz and it may help you see, just how commericials and consumerism has taken a toll on our Planet.

Hola, Mi Amigos

I am practicing my Spanish. Might as well, since my two children are being schooled in 3 languages; Spanish of course, Mardarin and English. Speaking of language, with so many different languaged used in the world, how do we spread knowledge to others? We can do it by actions. You know, "actions speak louder than words". Also, by photographs. I am bound and determined to spread the knowledge of the truths/myths about TRASH.

I am an RN, so I believe in personal wellness. I'm a pet- owner, so I believe in everybody's health, meaning, the animals who share this beautiful Planet. Mi Casa es Su Casa, tambien! I also am a wife and mother of a girl, and a boy. I deeply believe in this ancient Indian proverb, that "We don't inherit this Planet from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children".

So, back to "actions speak louder than words"...I hear all the time. "I'm doing my part; and that's all I can do". What does that communicate to you? I hear, 'you don't matter, only I matter, and you will matter more, only if it's convenient for me'. The 'you' in this sentence could refer to your own children. 'I' am trashing the Planet by my actions and speaking loudly that I don't care what I damage in my wake.

To be a matter of fact, we are all participating in trashing this Planet by simply taking 80%-90% more than we intend to give back. Humans drill oil (and spill oil) and use it to drive ourselves to work. We must work if we want to have all those worldly possessions they show, shining on the TV screen. The cashier takes our worn out coins, to put our shiny possession in a shiny new, plastic bag. I've done it, along with all those shoppers around me. These are habits, or actions we teach our children.

They will go on to teach our grandchildren. Unless we make a change in, at least, one habit or action.



breaking temperature records

officially recorded as 115*F, this 2nd day of July, 2011, at Sky Harbor Airport. breaking a record, set 10 years ago when it was 113*F. what can you do to drop next years temps?

Is it getting hot in here? phew.

We had a mild, 2010, spring, which I'm thankful for, but we are still in the 100*'s, now in Oct. 18 of the warmest years on record have occured in the last 20 years.

We are all involved in turning the heat up, whether it was going to happen in a natural cycle, or not. I don't believe that it was suppose to naturally happen this quickly, do you? There are more of us, so naturally more dryers, more light fixtures, more food transported thousands of miles, more cars on the road than ever before. I live in a valley, which was a safe haven for patients with TB, long ago. Now it is the worst place to be if you have a premie baby, ill child or pre-existing lung issues.  Interesting fact:  Gross Domestic Product indicator counts pollution three times. First when it's made,  then again when it's cleaned up and third when healthcare providers treat patients with related conditions. I know the city of Phoenix can be fined for high levels of  air pollution. I think it should also be fined for EACH health-related issues there after.

Take a pledge to turn the heat down.


HUNGRY Arizona?

excellent Modern Mexican food and flair "Bario Cafe"- North 16st/Thomas Rd. PHX, AZ (an international hit!) why do I love it sooo much? well, we had our wedding reception there; in my ol' bario. Presently, this is the only location, but soon to open in 2012 when you fly through SHI Airport, you can dine there too.

Harvests of the Desert

"Sustainable Harvest", a great article recognizing the lost relationship between

the residents of this society and their Mother Earth. Great photos showcasing how to reconnect.


a GREEN Phoenix Open

Tired of the snow and cold? Come one- come all. come down to a green phoenix. Yes, this is the desert and the only green you will see are saguaros and palm trees...unless you're 'on the green'. What I mean by green is the eco-job that WM is pulling off at our Phx Open!

Solar panels light the way, as well as trash compactors keeping the huge party contained. The aim is to recycle 65% of the waste collected. What a feat when only 2 of 10 water bottle are recycled on a daily basis in everyday life. 300,000 gallons of water saved through diversion.

WM shows us that you can party green! With just a little effort, on everybodies part, we can keep this Planet healthy and green going.

I've been to the TPC, when Tiger played, and I could only dream to see 1 of 12 Greenopolis Kiosk there on those days, to complete the thrill. I'm imagining the G.points I could have had by now!

 While we probably won't be able to hit the green this year, with un-interested tots in tow, we will be at Whole Foods, utilizing the reverse kiosks there. Raking in the good points of life.

cradle to cradle vs. cradle to grave...

Some videos I'd like to share and hopefully, you will pass on... this one is my favorite, and my second, and last link to share. I'm sorry I lied, watch this one and notice the off-gasing of plastic smoke he is breathing in (every work day) Remember, all those one-time use plastics are not recycled into new items of the same identification..but ususally downcycled.


Fall is here, or slowly approaching for some of us, here in the southwest. Costumes to be made, leaves to be raked and festivals to be attended. How will you celebrate it's arrival?

I am looking at Halloween and autumn in a whole new light, or less there of, I suppose. I see all those tiny plastic candy wrappers, anxiously awaiting their release into the wild! They seek out the corners of the road, and bushes. They wait for a little rain, and AWAY they will go ... off to.. where? Probably the same place those pesky grocery-plastic bags go. How can prevent their release into into the wild, where they are not native? Parents won't go for candied apples on a stick anymore, righteously protecting their little treaters! I only know of one candy out there, anymore, that may be wrapped in paper, and kudos to Hersery. As for the rest? Should we all give out Hersery mini's? Or should Halloween just be canceled? phewy! Oh, perhaps toys? Get a load of all those fascinating toys out there, so tiny and colorful, with all those breakable parts...and plastic too. double phewy!! I guess all I can hope for is that more people rethnk the plastic distribution and less throw it on the street, but instead throw it in a landfill bin.


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