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picking up OPT (other people's trash)

Yup, that me. That's us. We do. We talk about spreads the word. I don't know if it's lazy kids, lazy adults, or it just blew off a truck, but somehow, there is trash on the street at every glance. It's not a new event. It was infrequent, but i remember I was a stupid teen, out with her g/f's, we threw garbage out of our moving vehicle. Now, I hate to say it, but I've *matured*, sigh. Perhaps we've all done, found ourselves too tired to dispose of our waste properly. What can we do? Make up for it! and why not?

[This is OUR park. We are taking pride in our neighborhood. I have had great conversations with other park-patrons about what I am doing, while my kids play and observe. (my son there) Some patrons lend a hand, some just tell me stories of their 'trashy' adventures.] 

For every piece of trash I've allowed to fall out of place, I've replaced triple that amount of garbage, to a better place. Right, I do realize this is not a new concept. I mean, the city picks it up and brings it to a landfill, but spreading the world about it has been taken it to the  E-social network level. The average Joe or Joette can post pictures and share the location of a clean-up or one that will take place. You can talk about it real-time. We can't wait for "someone" to take care of this. It's the little guy who has to take charge...see from the desert to the ocean WE can do it.



2- Tapped see the trailer <-free or the whole movie for 2.99 (Nestle privitizing water- brought to the spot light) who OWNS water??

3-Food Inc.

4. Gasland -fracturing

5. Plastic Planet- plastic surrounds us, our clothing, our cars, even inside us whether we put it there or not

6. FLOW-for the love of water. only 1% of ALL water on Earth is fresh (not salt) & available to drink

7. Avatar-(2009)movie about uranium mining

8. Wall-E-movie- meet...Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class robot

9. Super Size Me- a man experiments with eating nothing but fast-food for a straight month, how did he manage?

10. The Garden- about an L.A. community that has their garden 'stolen' out from under them.

      similiarly-in the News- a woman faces jail time for having a garden in her front yard.

11.The Last Mountain the destruction after coal mining- all who love America must see this!

12. Bite Size- what's making us fat? why is there a rise in diabeties in Every Race?

13. Bag IT

14. DIRT the movie

15. earth (Disneynature)

16. Hurricane on the Bayou <-see trailer here

17. HOME We all have a date with our Planet

18. Beware Food: The French Organic Revolution <-see trailer here.

19.Blind Spot- all about the short-to-be lived industrial age we live in.

20.the Age of Stupid- a futuristic doc set in 2055, looking back at 2005, Post Oil Peak

20. Deconstructing Supper -wonder doc about a chef whose patrons asked him about GE food on his menu. he didn't know anything about it, so he traveled the World to find the answers. He investigated both sides of GM foods.

21. Ingredients- WHERE does *your* food come from. Farmer's market? big box grocery store? backyard garden?  for a 24hr pass- rent it here 

22. Dr. Burzynski Movie- the cure for cancer has been found, has it found you? (full version movie) after seeing this, you may never participate in a race for the cure again. Do you trust the FDA?

23. Forks over Knives -ALL American diseases are caused by the Western diet (since 1950) eat your way to health! for a 48hr pass- rent it here

24. Bambi (animation)

25. Over the Hedge (animation) a green hedge has cropped up right through the middle of their once-natural habitat. looks at over-consumerism (food) and how far humans are removed from nature.

26. Dive- the movie (we are feeding our landfills as much as we feed ourselves, in the age of excess)

27. A River of Waste- the hazardous truth about factory farms .. exposes a huge health and environmental scandal in our modern industrial system of meat and poultry production.

28. Everything's cool (global warming) Will it matter when You're dead, and why?

29. Blue Vinyl- from red wood to blue PVC...what's wrong with That?

30.  Farmadeddon- about RAW milk-the Unseen war on American Family farms. available on Netflix.

31. King Corn- corn is making us/cows/pigs/chicken fat...they try to follow A pile of corn into the food system, what they find raises troubling questions about how we eat-and how we farm: MONO-culture 

33. Dying to have known - 52-day journey to find evidence to the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy -- a long-suppressed natural cancer cure.

34. Vegucated -documentary that follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers from different backgrounds> with a Crazy ending!

 35. Payback- is a 2012 doc from Jennifer Baichwal based on Margaret Atwood's Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth, which investigates the concept of debt in societies across the world (and not only on a monetary level) make a farm -explores the lives of five young people who have decided to become small-scale farmers-

37. no dialog,  just watch....Samsara

38.Asias Illegal Animal Trade 

39 short doc on how GMOs are made-the science

40. The world according to Monsanto

 41. about pollution of cow-methane -global warming bc of our food. MEAT the Truth

 42. The Ghost in Our Machine animal rights, the animals we exploit.

43. not to be confused with Plastic Planet ....PLASTIC PARADISE -about Midway Island: the canary in the coal mine....the island is like looking into a mirrow image of ourselves. BPA toxins.


44. Ice and the Science- Antarctic Edge: 70° South 


45. Who Killed The Electric Car 



a GREEN train ride...

want to take a steam-train ride and eat good about it? check out our train, here in the north country  and what makes it so special. Our ancestors would be so proud!

got the sniffles?

By now, we've all see enough commercials to know what brands of tissue are the top sellers. We buy it, they put out more commercials, and so forth. This is why you may have bought that brand, yes? That smiling woman, with big teeth, is conviencing; telling you how soft it is and the brand she's using will keep your skin supple. (have you looked at your nose lately?) She's beautiful, so if you use the same brand, as will you be. Some brands had to put embed lotion because rubbing your skin against it causes painful chafing and redness. Oh Come on, the only reason she is using their brand is that they gave her a 6 month supply. Why would they do such a thing? Who talks badly about their friends, especially ones that are so giving? It makes me wonder what topic or point would come up if they weren't friends. Perhaps, the number of trees are cut down and not replaced. Possibly, they don't use any recycle materials, but virgin materials and  petroleum based  lotions.   

Come on, I'm just trying to blow and wipe my drippy snazola here! Who cares? Maybe those creatures that call those trees homes do. If they don't have homes, they will move into other areas where people reside; it happens here in the desert. Developers clear land in the desert and build homes, only that desert were already homes to coyotes, owls and such. Those owl and coyotes are hungry. They ate rabbit, but now they have these bigger cats and lap dogs to choose from. yum! a fat cat! a spoiled, beloved backyard dog! We don't want wild, carnivorous animals in our backyard, so what the heck are we doing in THEIRS? If I knocked on your door tomorrow and said, move aside, I'm here for your tree pulp, we need to blow our noses, among other activities. You'd slam the door in my face, no doubt. 

I don't wish to sound like a grade school student and say "it's not fair", but....well.. how fair is it that we loot their homes for the sake of our big and drippy beaks? Is this necessary, or completely short-sighted?? OF course! These companies have made money off of your pretension for years and will continue to be top sellers, as long as your retirement fund their way. 

If they won't recycle, you can. Say what? I'm not going to recycle my Kleenex! ewww. Who is talking about Kimberly-Clark anymore? "blow them off"

There is nothing wrong with a hankie made from woven (organic) cotton. 1.They are truly sustainable. 2. provide you with an endless supply of wiping, as long as you remember to wash them. 3.won't fall apart on the job.  The companies like Kleenex want you to believe that they are popular, but I read somewhere that what's popular is not always what's right. AND What's right, isn't always what's popular. If they aren't popular, their pockets go flat. In this modern world, if they are not willingly-socially responsible, we want their puffed pockets to go flat...means less trees being raviched. I mean, do you wish to keep funding a company that did not have the forethought to be eco-stewarts from day one..what other actions are being overlooked down the line?  Too many companies are putting their pockets before our Planet's good health. That is nothing to sneeze at & the end results can make us sick!   Gesundheit! 


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