Sustainable Stories

of an Ecolicous Mama


Quotes So... this group originally started as a regular ol' coupon group (Crazy Coupon Clippers) for those of us who like to save money. I became obsessed with cutting coupons, and had neighbors drop of their inserts to me for clipping as well. Sadly, I was clipping Q's (as they are called) for products that my family was trying to get away from. The name changed to Naturally Thinking, and my hope was to promote sites that offered coupons for healthier food and product options. Organic eating does not have to be costly. There is something at every grocery store that can take the place of salty, sugary, fatty foods that were once the first choice. I'll admit it's hard to pass up deals that offer 10 products at just $1 each. But when you compare the cost of a healthier option to the junk you would've consumed, that offered zero health benefits, it works out. Many health stores.......... Quotes
Alysha Dickson-Dyess
from~ Naturally Thinking ~Facebook group

Quotes continued....Many health stores have a clearance section and welcome coupons. Local grocers also carry organic products and with the weather warming up, we can visit the farmer's markets. Knowing that you are lessening your changes for disease and long-term illness is just an added bonus. I hope we can continue to get away from pesticide covered produce, toxin filled meats, and SAD (I can explain that later) foods. Here's to a healthier you. :) Quotes
Alysha Dickson-Dyess
from Naturally Thinking

Quotes ‎"i'm seeking the fullest expression of myself" Quotes

Quotes There is a choice you have to make in everything you do. So, keep in mind that in the end, the choice you make, makes you. Quotes
~ j.Maxwell

Quotes Water is like money, if we think we have a lot of it, we spend it. We need to treat it like a rain-day penny, save it...BUT save it for those days it doesn't rain. Quotes

Quotes Money has no power of its own. You alone are the power source.- Suze Orman Quotes
commercial made me do it.

Quotes "Ignore the environment. It'll go away." Quotes
~Seen on a bumpersticker

Quotes "Unless someone like YOU cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not." Quotes
Dr. Seuss
The Lorax

Quotes A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. Quotes
John Lennon

Quotes I don't see how we can be a sustainable species when our young are seen throwing one-time use plastic bottles into our street gutters. Gutters carry excess rain water to the washes and rivers. Rivers all lead to the Oceans. The oceans feed us, yet the only thing we do is feed it plastic. Quotes
1. carry, 2 support. 3. bear. 4. to keep 5. maintain